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XinYuanHui Optoelectronic Technology co, LTD is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of LED underwater lights, buried lights and landscape lights. It has won more than 120 national patents, and its products have passed CE certification and IP68 protection grade certification. Many products have been evaluated by Chongqing high-tech products and key new products. The company has an experienced technical research and development, production management and marketing team, taking the needs of the market as its own responsibility, always adhere to the technology-led, management-based, quality-oriented, development and production of national patented LED underwater lights, Landscape lights and other products
The company’s entrepreneurial spirit is: “Quality first, quality assurance, quality service, reputation first.” We take customer satisfaction as our purpose and provide high quality and reliable underwater light products for the water fountain industry.


XinYuanHui Optoelectronic Technology co, LTD is a professional manufacturer of underwater lamps. Our selection of good materials guarantees the quality of our products and strict production process. Each product will pass the light test, sophisticated test and waterproof test. We also have vibration test, salt spray test, IP68 waterproof test.


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